Highlighting Rohingya Culture: A Unique Collaboration with Kala Sangam
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Highlighting Rohingya Culture: A Unique Collaboration with Kala Sangam

Bradford is set to witness a cultural renaissance with the launch of a two-year engagement project led by Kala Sangam in collaboration with Keighley Creative, South Square Centre, and Bloomin’ Buds Theatre Company. This ambitious initiative, aimed at fostering community spirit and cultural understanding, will see the appointment of four dedicated officers tasked with delivering a rich and diverse programme of activities across various communities in Bradford.

The appointed officers will be pivotal in executing the project’s vision, engaging with local communities to ensure that the activities reflect their interests and cultural heritage. These activities are expected to range from art workshops and theatre performances to community festivals and interactive sessions that encourage participation from people of all ages.

A standout feature of this project is the partnership between Kala Sangam and RCUK, focusing on the inclusion and celebration of Rohingya culture. This collaboration is particularly noteworthy as it aims to shed light on the rich cultural heritage of the Rohingya community, often overshadowed by their plight as refugees.

RCUK’s involvement will bring an authentic representation of Rohingya traditions, arts, and stories to the forefront. Through various cultural showcases, workshops, and interactive sessions, the project will provide a platform for Rohingya voices, fostering greater understanding and empathy within the wider community.

Mohammed Amin, Chief Executive Officer at RCUK said:  this engagement project is not just about showcasing Rohingya cultures but also about building bridges between them. By facilitating interactions and collaborations among diverse groups, the project aims to break down barriers and promote inclusivity. The activities planned are designed to be participatory, ensuring that community members are not just spectators but active contributors to the cultural dialogue.

This initiative aligns with Bradford’s broader vision of being a City of Culture where diversity is celebrated and where arts and culture play a crucial role in community cohesion and development. It is a testament to the power of collaborative efforts in creating meaningful cultural exchanges and fostering a sense of belonging among all community members.

As the project unfolds over the next two years, it promises to leave a lasting impact on Bradford’s cultural landscape. The anticipated outcomes include not only a greater appreciation of the arts and cultural diversity but also the strengthening of community bonds and the creation of new opportunities for artistic expression and collaboration.

The engagement project spearheaded by Kala Sangam and its partners, with the invaluable contribution of RCUK in highlighting Rohingya culture, is set to be a beacon of cultural enrichment and community spirit in Bradford. This initiative is a prime example of how arts and culture can serve as powerful tools for social change, bringing people together and celebrating the rich tapestry of human diversity.