About Us


The Rohingya Centre of United Kingdom (RCUK) is a community-led organisation supporting families of Rohingya and other refugees and asylum seekers. We assist individuals in integrating and adapting to their new life, whether they are new to the UK or have been here for some time.

Our support covers the Bradford, Leeds and Manchester and beyond.

As the first-ever instituted Rohingya Centre in the UK, we understand the profound impact of decades-long persecution and deprivation endured by the Rohingya community in Myanmar (Burma). Overcoming self-isolation, particularly among women, remains a significant challenge. The Centre serves as a central safe space, offering essential services and fostering a sense of community amidst adversity.

With firsthand knowledge of the obstacles encountered by Rohingya newcomers and refugees as they integrate into British society, including barriers to formal education, cultural-linguistic challenges, financial limitations, and social isolation due to inadequate support networks, RCUK serves as a vital hub for advocacy, support, and empowerment.

How RCUK Operates

Rohingya Centre, officially registered as a Community Interest Company (CIC) and documented by a complete constitution, operates under the horizon of the Companies House. Its administrative framework is structured around a membership-based management model, wherein members participate in the annual election of the Management Board.

Located at Unit 1, 24 Summerville Road, Bradford BD7 1PX, RCUK’s operational centre is managed by dedicated volunteers who contribute their time and efforts toward advancing the organisation’s mission and objectives.

Collaboration with external entities constitutes a foundation of RCUK’s operational strategy. Through strategic coalitions and partnerships with other organisations, RCUK effectively executes its project initiatives, sharing resources, expertise, and networks to maximise impact and address the multifaceted challenges encountered by the Rohingya community.

Our Mission

Our mission is a commitment to empower and support Rohingya refugees and asylum seekers by providing vital services that enable successful integration in their local communities and to rebuild their lives with dignity, and resilience.

Through our community-driven initiatives and holistic support, we strive to foster a sense of belonging, promote social integration, and tackle the barriers they face and
amplify the voices of those in need where we can in Bradford and beyond.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where people are inspired to contribute to society and protect basic human rights by building a thriving, safe, diverse, and healthy society where everyone has access to their vital needs and promotes equality of opportunity and culture.

Our values

Our values guide our actions, decisions, and interactions, shaping the way we work
towards our mission and vision. Our values include:


We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and strive to achieve measurable results.


We approach our work with empathy and care for the well-being of others.


We collaborate with partners and stakeholders to maximise our impact and reach.


We are committed to responding promptly and effectively to the needs and challenges faced by the communities we serve.


We treat everyone with dignity, respect, and fairness.