Health and Safety Policy


Health and Safety is a matter of shared concern and responsibility for all members of staff, board members, volunteers, and users of RCUK. This policy has been prepared to meet the legal requirements contained in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999, and associated legislation.

RCUK recognises that making appropriate provision to secure the health and safety of employees and the general public is an integral part of our functions and activities.

In pursuance of this responsibility, it is recognised that there is a need to conduct our activities in a manner that complies with the law.


1 Promote a Good Working Environment

  • Ensure that the working environment accounts for changes in health and safety legislation and promotes well-being.

2 Develop Safe Practices and Systems

  • Assist in the development and implementation of safe practices and safe systems of work to minimise risks.

3 Maintain First Aid and Incident Records

  • Keep an updated first aid box.
  • Maintain accurate records of accidents and incidents.
  • Assist in the investigation of incidents to prevent recurrence.

4 Communication and Publicity

  • Provide a focal point for the communication and publicity of health and safety matters to keep everyone informed.

5 Control Over Health & Safety Risks

  • Provide adequate control over the health and safety risks arising from tasks or duties performed within the organisation.

6 Consultation with Employees and Members

  • Consult employees and members on matters that could affect their health and safety, ensuring their concerns are addressed.

7 Maintenance of Safe Equipment

  • Ensure that all equipment is maintained and in safe working order.

8 Safe Handling and Use of Substances

  • Ensure the safe handling and use of all substances used within the organisation.

9 Information, Instruction, and Supervision

  • Provide all employees with the necessary information, instruction, and supervision regarding health and safety issues.

10 Adequate Training

  • Provide adequate training to all employees to ensure they are competent to perform their jobs safely.

11 Eliminate and Prevent Accidents

  • Take proactive measures to eliminate and prevent accidents and work-related ill-health.

    Monitoring and Review

    • RCUK will aim to ensure that the Health and Safety Policy is continually monitored.
    • Necessary alterations will be made by the Board members to keep the policy up-to-date and effective.