Complaints Policy

At the Rohingya Centre UK (RCUK), we are committed to providing the highest quality service to our members, users, and stakeholders. However, we understand that there may be occasions when concerns or complaints arise. This Complaints Procedure outlines how we address and resolve such issues.

Scope of the Policy:

We value your continued support and aim to resolve any issues as quickly as possible. If informal communication does not resolve a problem, our formal complaints procedure is available.

Who to Complain to:

Complaints about the conduct of RCUK staff, volunteers, or Board Members should be addressed to the Director or the CEO of the Directors Board.

How to Complain:

Complaints should be made directly to the appropriate person in person, by telephone, letter, or email. We acknowledge receipt of complaints within ten working days. Complaints should be specific and factual, and anonymous complaints will not be acted upon. Complainants may be accompanied by a friend or work colleague, but not a legal representative.

RCUK’s Response:

The Director or CEO will investigate complaints promptly and communicate the results within 15 working days. If justified, necessary further action will be agreed upon with the complainant.

Appeals Process:

If dissatisfied with the findings, complainants may appeal to an appeal panel of three Board of directors. The decision of the appeal panel is final.

Confidentiality and Reporting:

Confidentiality is assured throughout the process. The Director or CEO will keep the Board informed of complaints and outcomes, reporting annually.


At RCUK, complaints are taken seriously, formally acknowledged, and investigated promptly. We are committed to addressing issues and maintaining confidentiality throughout the process.